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I would like to thank you for your guidance and advice. Since last three years I wanted to expand my family but have two abortions. When I contacted you, you advised to do some Lal Kitab remedies. The remedies were simple and on 18/01/2012, I gave birth to a male child. I want to convey my gratitude and thanks for your useful advice.

Shivani, Faridabad, India
I have contact you many times in the past three years and feel you are extremely accurate in your predictions.

Rakesh Gupta, Lajpat Nagar, India
I have seen a great improvement in my business since I took your advise. You predicted that my marriage will took place before April 2012 and your prediction came absolutely true and my marriage was solemnized in February 2012.

Rahul Chopra, Faridabad, India
I am amazed at your command over astrology. I was facing severe joint pain since last 4-5 years and after following remedies suggested by you, I have got immense relief. Thanks and may God bless you.

Asha Gupta, Alaknanda, India
Acharya Ji, accept my gratitude and special thanks. With your blessings and guidance, I got job in a government hospital and also felt improvement in family environment.

Dr. Preeti Goyal, Sriganganagar, India
Dear Vikas Malhotra Ji I am very satisfied with the clarity of thoughts and explanations given by you. Your remedies are simple and inexpensive and they proved to be very useful in getting a very good job post retirement.

M.P. Singh, Gurgaon
Hello Mr. Vikas Ji Thanks for your valuable advice and guidance. I was aiming to clear departmental promotional examination from a long time but my efforts were not yielding desired results. After undertaking two to three simple Lal Kitab remedies suggested by you, I have not only cleared the examination but also performed well in interview and got promotion in September 2011.

Mrs. Rakhi, Rajouri Garden, India
Thanks for your valuable advice. I could not believe that by doing some simple remedies we could improve our health and sorroundings. My diabetes and blood pressure is also in control thanks to your valuable suggestions. I am feeling healthy and putting my full energy into my own business. Renu Chopra, Faridabad, India
Hello Mr. Vikas Malhotra Thanks for your instant response and useful advise. I look forward to meeting you personally and thank you upon coming to India. Sanjay Mulchandani, UK
Apart from a good astrologer, you are a good human being. I feel good upon talking with you. The gems provided by you are of good quality and I have seen a drastic improvement in my business since wearing them.

Vikrant Ahuja, Vikas Puri, India
I want to specially thank you for your valuable counseling and astrological advice. My child’s health has improved since I have carried out astrological remedies suggested by you. God bless you and may God give you more strength to help more and more people.

Roshni, Dwarka, India
The remedial measures suggested by you are simple and effective. I particularly liked your style of confirming the birth time through important events and lines on the palm. Thanks for your valuable advice and counseling.

Mrs. Anju, Sarojini Nagar, India
Dear Acharya Ji I have been taking astrological advice for the past one year from you and I have found that you have great expertise in this field. I have seen a great improvement in my financial position since carrying out such remedies. Please provide your support and guidance in the future also. H.P. Singh, Bhopal
Acharya Ji, on behalf of me and my family, I want to convey my sincere thanks for your guidance and advice. I was in deep depression due to constant worry about my health. I have consulted two three astrologers before meeting you also who suggested expensive remedies and wearing of gems. I do not have resources at my disposal to carry such remedies. At that time you provided simple and effective remedies and that too by charging no price for your services. I have recovered completely now and although I cannot express my gratitude towards you in words but I would like to thank you for all your support and guidance.

Naresh, Garhi, India
I would like to thank you for your professional attitude and commitment for your profession. I got good marks in my Masters examination at UK, all made possible through your advice and counseling.

Sameer, Metropolitan University, UK
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Marriage Problems



Today I am going to share with you some of the tried and tested remedies for early solemnization of marriage. When a marriage is delayed intentionally then it is a different issue but when in spite of doing all efforts by a boy or girl or his or her parents, the marriage is delayed then it is necessary to look into the horoscope of concerned to find out factors which are acting as hindrances in the path of marriage and causing unwanted delays in marriage. There may be combination of Sun and Saturn which may be delaying the marriage or there may be certain doshas like Manglik dosha or Kaalsarpa dosha. There may be afflictions on seventh house or its lord in your horoscope.


There are thousands of remedies that are available on the internet at different websites and social media but the problem is that how will you know which remedy is appropriate for your case. Lal Kitab says that remedies should be done carefully considering the planetary position of an individual horoscope. Wrong remedy done may lead to destruction of results of a benefic planet also. I have seen in various interactions with my clients that they go on doing remedies which are written and copied on the internet by many so called expert astrologers and others without understanding even the basics of astrology. This result in frustration and depression in the mind of a person and he or she may lose his or her self confidence also. That is why in this post I am sharing some of the Vedic and time tested astrological remedies which may benefit in getting a life partner of your choice but in any case they would not harm you. This is the uniqueness of remedies suggested in this post that it may have some positive impact on finding suitable match for you but in any case it will not harm you. For knowing specific remedies for your horoscope, you will need to book a specific consultation so that you can get the benefit of good planets in your horoscope and at the same time reduce the impact of malefic planets.


  1. First of all you should put some turmeric powder (Haldi powder) to the bathing water. This is applicable for both girls and boys and after the bath the boy and the girl should put a tilak on the forehead with saffron.
  2. Secondly girls should wear new clothes when proposals for marriage come or formalities for solemnizing the marriage are going on. It should be ensured that they wear yellow clothes on Thursday and white clothes on Friday.
  3. This remedy can be done by boy as well as girl. This remedy has to be started from first Thursday of Shukla Paksha (Waxing moon). For this remedy, you should take five different sweets with one green cardamom (Elaichi) and take one pure desi ghee lamp and offer these to a banana tree. First of all offer water to banana tree and then offer sweets and green cardamom and then lit pure desi ghee lamp and pray for your marriage.
  4. This remedy can also be done by boy as well as girl. Those who are facing obstacles in marriage or are seeing their marriage talks go in vain, they should offer regularly green grass to a cow and they should give some money to a Eunuch especially on Wednesday.
  5. Praying to Lord Shiva and His consort Maa Parvati daily and offering raw milk, wood-apple leaves (Bel Patra),rice grains, vermillion to them paves the way for desired matrimony. You can Offer Red chunni, red bangles and sindur things related to marriage in the temple to Maa Parvati.
  6. Boys and girls of marriageable age should put a bit of mehandi meant for bride or groom, whenever they get a chance to attend a marriage ceremony.
  7. If marriage negotiation is breaking down repeatedly after reaching final stages, make it a point to put off shoes/slippers before entering the room where talks are taking place.
  8. For early marriage, girls should keep fast for 16 consecutive Mondays and offer ganges or normal water in a Shiva temple. You can also offer regular abhishek with normal water or milk on "Abhimantrit Narmadeshwar Shiv linga."

In this page I am going to share with you a very simple remedy to remove obstacles in your marriage. I have seen many cases where even after attaining age of marriage, boy or girl are not able to materialize their marriage. There may be some afflictions on seventh house of the horoscope or it is also possible that seventh lord is afflicted in the horoscope. This remedy can be done by boy as well as girl.


This remedy should be started on first Thursday of Shukla Paksha (Waxing moon). Boy or Girl who wants to marry should wear yellow clothes and take two coins, one coin should be of silver and another should be of one rupee. Take both coins and go to a peepal tree (Bodhi tree). Worship peepal tree and offer water to it and pray for materialising your marriage. Now bury these two coins near the peepal tree and leave the tool used for burying there itself. Now fold your hands again, pray for your early marriage and come back to your house and do not look back. On the coming Saturday take some sweet water and one lamp of wheat with mustard oil in it and go to same peepal tree where you have buried coins. Pray with folded hands and lit the lamp there itself. Now come back to your house and do not look back. Finally on the next coming Wednesday offer one pooja waala nariyal (coconut) and revolve around you seven times and pay some coins to a sweeper. Your remedy is now complete and by the grace of God soon you will be able to overcome hurdles in your marriage.



Yesterday I was reading a quote of Molleen Matsumura that says “Love is like a campfire: It may be sparked quickly, and at first the kindling throws out a lot of heat, but it burns out quickly. For long lasting, steady warmth with delightful bursts of intense heat from time to time, you must carefully tend the fire.” This quote is important because nowadays many married females are concerned with the issue that they are not able to get love and support of their husband in their work and/or domestic life. In this post, I am sharing a simple astrological remedy to get love and attention of your husband.



This remedy can be started from any Monday and preferably in Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon period). For this remedy, on previous day, i.e. Sunday, you can have red sindhoor (10-15 gram) and put it in a small silver box. Take 21 energized gomati chakras and wash them with plain water. After them wipe these energized gomati chakras with a clean cloth and keep them in the sindhoor box. On Monday morning offer them to Maa Parvati feet praying for good marital life. Out of them, take one gomati chakra and come back to your house and keep that gomati chakra in the sindhoor box. The remedy has to be done once in a month. Continue this remedy for at least 3 months and when you bring new gomati chakra back from temple, flow the previous gomati chakra in a river or place it near the peepal tree. For getting energized gomati chakras, you can contact our Lal Kitab Astro Centre.

For knowing about innumerable benefits of gomati chakras, you can visit following link at our website.

For specific consultation, you can book appointment at our centre.



Mantras are mystic sounds which produce certain type of energies. When we repeatedly utter a Mantra we are tuning to a particular frequency and this frequency establishes a contact with the cosmic energy and drags it into our body and surroundings. Thus we can balance the energies and also increase the level of a certain type of energy, which promote certain actions and events. In this page, I am sharing some effective mantras that can be used to solemnize your marriage with your loved one. These mantras will remove all obstacles in your marriage but it is necessary that you do the chanting of mantras with full devotion and in the manner suggested on this page. The benefit of mantras is that they can be done easily at your home without the involvement of any other person.


For predicting love marriage, it is necessary that 5th, 7th and 9th house of the horoscope should be seen along with strength of planets like Venus, Moon and Mars. If there are afflictions on these houses or these planets are weak, then mantra remedies are suggested in combination with other astrological remedies to materialize marriage.

I am giving you three mantras for Venus, Mars and Moon here which can be chanted by both boy as well as girl for finding partner of their own choice.


VENUS MANTRA - “Om dram dreem droum sah Shukraya namah”

The above mantra will make the Venus strong and both boy and girl will develop positive attraction for each other.


MARS MANTRA - “Om Kram Kreem Kraum saha Bhaumaye Namah”

The above mantra will give you courage to express your love to your partner as well as parents and will make it possible for you to achieve Manglik Karya of solemnizing marriage.


MOON MANTRA - “Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah”

It will remove negative thoughts from your mind and will lead to success in your love marriage.

The above mantras are to be recited (at least 108 times) with an Energized (Abhimantrit) Rudraksha Mala. This mala should be energized with the objective of helping you to solemnize your love marriage. You can contact our Lal Kitab Astro Centre (LKAC) for getting energized rudraksha mala.


Additional mantra for Boy

If a boy is in love and is not able to convert his love into a marriage, he should chant following mantra

“Patni Manorama Dehi Manovritanusarinim

Tarinim Durgsansar Sagarasya Kulodbhavam ”

The chant of this Mantra (108 times) should be done on all Fridays in the evening using an energized Sphatik mala.  You can contact our Lal Kitab Astro Centre (LKAC) for getting energized Sphatik mala.


Additional mantra for Girl

If a girl is in love with someone and there are numerous obstacles in getting married to the person, then she should chant,

“Hey Gauri! Shankarardhangi Twam Shankaram Priya

Tatha Maam Kuru Kalyani Kantkantam Sudurlabham”.

The chant of this Mantra (108 times) should be done on all Mondays in the morning using an energized Rudraksha mala.

Consult for answering your questions relating to:
When will you get married?
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Will my in-laws be supportive?
What remedies could be done by you for getting a good spouse?

Marriages are made in Heaven, but not all marriages are destined to be happy marriage. Many people face relationship problems either with their spouse or between friends and relatives.




Consult for answering your questions relating to:

What could be the cause of differences with your life partner?
How it is possible to improve relations with your life partner?
Which remedies could be done by you or your life partner to harmonize your relations?
What remedies can be done to get good recognition and relationship with other members of the society?
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