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I would like to thank you for your guidance and advice. Since last three years I wanted to expand my family but have two abortions. When I contacted you, you advised to do some Lal Kitab remedies. The remedies were simple and on 18/01/2012, I gave birth to a male child. I want to convey my gratitude and thanks for your useful advice.

Shivani, Faridabad, India
I have contact you many times in the past three years and feel you are extremely accurate in your predictions.

Rakesh Gupta, Lajpat Nagar, India
I have seen a great improvement in my business since I took your advise. You predicted that my marriage will took place before April 2012 and your prediction came absolutely true and my marriage was solemnized in February 2012.

Rahul Chopra, Faridabad, India
I am amazed at your command over astrology. I was facing severe joint pain since last 4-5 years and after following remedies suggested by you, I have got immense relief. Thanks and may God bless you.

Asha Gupta, Alaknanda, India
Acharya Ji, accept my gratitude and special thanks. With your blessings and guidance, I got job in a government hospital and also felt improvement in family environment.

Dr. Preeti Goyal, Sriganganagar, India
Dear Vikas Malhotra Ji I am very satisfied with the clarity of thoughts and explanations given by you. Your remedies are simple and inexpensive and they proved to be very useful in getting a very good job post retirement.

M.P. Singh, Gurgaon
Hello Mr. Vikas Ji Thanks for your valuable advice and guidance. I was aiming to clear departmental promotional examination from a long time but my efforts were not yielding desired results. After undertaking two to three simple Lal Kitab remedies suggested by you, I have not only cleared the examination but also performed well in interview and got promotion in September 2011.

Mrs. Rakhi, Rajouri Garden, India
Thanks for your valuable advice. I could not believe that by doing some simple remedies we could improve our health and sorroundings. My diabetes and blood pressure is also in control thanks to your valuable suggestions. I am feeling healthy and putting my full energy into my own business. Renu Chopra, Faridabad, India
Hello Mr. Vikas Malhotra Thanks for your instant response and useful advise. I look forward to meeting you personally and thank you upon coming to India. Sanjay Mulchandani, UK
Apart from a good astrologer, you are a good human being. I feel good upon talking with you. The gems provided by you are of good quality and I have seen a drastic improvement in my business since wearing them.

Vikrant Ahuja, Vikas Puri, India
I want to specially thank you for your valuable counseling and astrological advice. My child’s health has improved since I have carried out astrological remedies suggested by you. God bless you and may God give you more strength to help more and more people.

Roshni, Dwarka, India
The remedial measures suggested by you are simple and effective. I particularly liked your style of confirming the birth time through important events and lines on the palm. Thanks for your valuable advice and counseling.

Mrs. Anju, Sarojini Nagar, India
Dear Acharya Ji I have been taking astrological advice for the past one year from you and I have found that you have great expertise in this field. I have seen a great improvement in my financial position since carrying out such remedies. Please provide your support and guidance in the future also. H.P. Singh, Bhopal
Acharya Ji, on behalf of me and my family, I want to convey my sincere thanks for your guidance and advice. I was in deep depression due to constant worry about my health. I have consulted two three astrologers before meeting you also who suggested expensive remedies and wearing of gems. I do not have resources at my disposal to carry such remedies. At that time you provided simple and effective remedies and that too by charging no price for your services. I have recovered completely now and although I cannot express my gratitude towards you in words but I would like to thank you for all your support and guidance.

Naresh, Garhi, India
I would like to thank you for your professional attitude and commitment for your profession. I got good marks in my Masters examination at UK, all made possible through your advice and counseling.

Sameer, Metropolitan University, UK
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Your Questions, My Answers

The objective of this page is to share my views on some of the questions that pertain to each and every individual involved in spiritual practices and practice of Lal Kitab.

In my interaction with students of Lal Kitab and discussion with spiritual practitioners, I analyzed that there are some questions that are of common interest to all. That is why it was decided to take some of the questions pertaining to this area and share my views on such questions on this page.

Due to time constraints, I am not able to cover all the questions but my effort is to dwell on as many questions as possible.If you have any questions relating to matters of spiritual practices like meditation, religious practices or Lal Kitab, you can mail the questions at our email id

Of all the questions received, some of the questions subject to availability of time would be taken on this page for the benefit of all people associated with us. For learning Lal Kitab systematically (online or offline) you can enroll at our centre. For specific problems please book consultation at our website.

Logic behind Lal Kitab Upay or Remedies – Venus in 6th house

Lal Kitab has gained immense popularity nowadays. Each and every remedy prescribed in Lal Kitab has some logic behind it and remedies should not be prescribed without thoroughly analyzing the horoscope and understanding the problem faced by the client.


There are many learned lal kitab astrologers who are prescribing one or the other remedy of Lal Kitab on the basis of placement of a planet only without understanding the nature of problem faced by a person. Apart from it the popularity of system generated horoscopes and software generated remedies has become popular that has defeated the whole purpose of analyzing a horoscope, correcting it and diagnosing the problem thoroughly faced by a person before prescribing right remedies.  


In my opinion, first of all the logic of a remedy and its ability to solve a particular problem should be kept in mind before advising such remedy to the client. For example, Lal Kitab suggests a specific remedy for Venus in 6th house. This remedy says that “The wife of a person with Venus in 6th should not move around barefoot. She should stay in socks or shoes most of the time.” Now let us explore the logic of this remedy.


When Venus is placed in 6th house and it is not getting any help from its friends in this house, it is likely to affect progeny. Venus in 6th house is considered as debilitated because as per Kal Purush horoscope, 6th sign denotes Virgo where Venus is considered to be debilitated. For analyzing the logic of this remedy, you should know the concept of artificial planets in Lal Kitab. Venus is formed as a result of combination of Rahu and Ketu. When Venus is placed in 6th house, the Ketu component of Venus suffers because Ketu is considered as Manda or giving less benefic effects in 6th house. That is why progeny is affected. If such is the case, then it is suggested to the client that his wife should not move around barefoot. She should stay in socks or shoes most of the time. If the wife of a person moves around barefoot, the skin of her bare soles that is Venus comes in contact with thin dust that is also Venus. This reinforced debilitated Venus and affects its Ketu part more adversely. When the wife of such person start wearing socks or shoes then it will not allow her bare skin to touch the ground and debilitated Venus will not get reinforced further. In addition, bare skin that is Venus with socks or shoes which is Saturn results in formation of exalted Ketu because Saturn and Venus when joins together there is formation of exalted Ketu. This will not only minimize the bad impact of Ketu but rather would result in getting the help of Saturn to form artificial Ketu saving progeny and ensuring its welfare. 


Thus each and every remedy of Lal Kitab has a scientific logic behind it and understanding the remedy and purpose of doing the remedy is going to help you in suggesting right remedy to the person concerned.

Steel joint-less ring (Steel ka bejod challa) in Lal Kitab – Concept and clarifications – Mercury in 12th house

If Mercury is placed in 12th house or there is Mercury Rahu combination in the horoscope or if both Mercury and Rahu are giving manda (adverse) effect in separate houses in a horoscope, it is recommended that the person should wear a joint-less ring of Steel in his hand. In this post I am explaining the logic behind this lal kitab remedy as many people have sent mails asking logic of this remedy and proper method of doing this remedy.


Steel metal represents Saturn and round circle of ring denote Mercury. Thus we are giving support of Saturn to Mercury which will be crucial in removing the negative impact of planet Mercury. Steel Joint-less ring (steel bejod challa) is Mercury and Saturn together. Mercury in 12th house is considered as poisonous and to such extent that it can destroy planets sitting in 6th house through its aspect. That is why we are mixing intelligence (Mercury) with cleverness (Saturn) through this ring.


The ring has to be prepared without any joint that means it should not have open ends and joint of any other metal should also not exist. This ring is usually made by a molding process. It is to be noted that this steel ring should be prepared with good iron so that it do not get rust. Rust may result in addition of planet Rahu in this combination which will give adverse results. If the iron quality is good, then it will luster more as you start wearing it. It will help you in awaking your sleeping fortune. However it should not be taken as free as gift from anyone and apart from this you have to keep in mind the precautions suggested by Lal Kitab for this purpose. One of the precautions is that the person should not take alcohol because it would then spoil the good results of Saturn combination with Mercury. Secondly it should be kept rust free so that element of Rahu is not added in this combination. This ring can be worn in little finger of your right hand.  

Exploring mysteries of Lal Kitab – Why Saturn position should be carefully analyzed before buying or constructing house

Everyone dreams about a house of his own where he can dwell in peace and happiness with his family. Saturn is the planet that should be seen before buying or constructing a house as Lal Kitab says when a house is built, Saturn is activated in the chart. As constructing or buying a house is an expensive project, you should look into the position of Saturn in your horoscope so you’re your investment do not get wasted. If Saturn is good, then it will add to your property and money balance as the house is constructed or purchased. But if Saturn is bad in your horoscope, construction of buying house may result in financial losses and loss of mental peace for you. Please note that whether you build a house or purchase an already built house, Saturn is activated in your horoscope. Lal Kitab was written in 1939-1952 period when the practice of buying already built houses was not much prevalent. So Pandit Ji has dealt with the issues relating to construction of house in the Lal Kitab showing impact of Saturn on construction of such houses. Nowadays apart from constructing house, people also go for purchase of already build flats or houses. Many people have confusion in this regard as to how to judge the impact of Saturn in their horoscope.


In this post, I have dealt with the impact of Saturn in all the 12 houses of horoscope for buying or constructing a house. I would advise that before buying a house or starting construction on it, the native should consult a good Lal Kitab astrologer so that relevant remedies and precautions could be advised to him. Please note that Saturn will show effect on every individual between 3 to 18 years from the day when foundation of house is laid definitely which may be positive or negative depending on the position of Saturn in the horoscope.


As this topic is very broad, I would restrict myself to dealing very important points relating to position of Saturn in each house of the birth horoscope so that this post can be kept short and every person reading this post can understand the impact of Saturn on his or her horoscope depending on its position.

Saturn in First house – If Saturn is in first house and native constructs house it may affect his or her financial position. This will be true especially when Saturn is not in a good position in this house. On the other hand, if house number 7 and 10 are vacant and Saturn is in a good position, then it will give good results. The native is advised not to construct house before the age of 48 years.

Saturn in Second house – If Saturn is in second house, then as and when house construction of purchase becomes possible go for it. It will always be beneficial. When house is constructed it will make the results of Saturn better and financial position of native will also improve.

Saturn in Third house – In this case, it is advised to construct house after 48 years only. But still if you want to build house you should have 3 dogs and take good care of them otherwise constructing house before 48 years would result in poverty.  

Saturn in Fourth house – If Saturn is in 4th house, person’s own constructed houses before 48 years would affect native mother, grandmother, mother in law and maternal uncles. As soon as the foundation is laid, these relatives would be adversely affected.

Saturn in Fifth house – If the native construct the house by his or her own money, it will have an adverse impact on children. However the children of native can build houses which can prove to be very auspicious. If still the native wants to build house, then donation of a male buffalo before laying foundation of house is advised. It would be still better if such native construct house after 48 years of age.

Saturn in Sixth house – If Saturn is in sixth house then construction of house after 39 years of age would give very good results. If such native constructs house before 39 years of age, then in-laws of native daughters would face bad results.

Saturn in Seventh house – Such native can build house any time. Such native gets the opportunity to get already built houses many times which give good results. If in any case, there is loss or sale of houses then he should maintain threshold known as Dahleej of his oldest house and it will help him recovering from losses.

Saturn in Eighth house – It gives malefic results to the native with regard to construction of house. When construction is started, it is said that death bells start ringing. The position of Saturn in such cases needs to be judged by position of Rahu Ketu in the horoscope. Saturn will give result as per the position of Rahu Ketu. Such native should not built house before 48 years of age in any case.

Saturn in Ninth house – House can be constructed anytime but do not keep more than three houses in own name. If wife is pregnant, do not build house at that time. It will invite death or death like troubles for the native.

Saturn in Tenth house – Unless and until the native do not construct or purchase house till that time Saturn will continue to give money and wealth to the native. As soon as house is constructed, then Saturn will start giving adverse results and it will have an adverse impact on native’s wealth and money. However you can build house by taking money from your father’s younger brother (Chacha). It will reduce malefic effect to a great extent. If Saturn is good in this house, then native gain from his Chacha and his (Chacha) financial condition is very good.

Saturn in Eleventh house – If Saturn is in 11th house, house is usually constructed late after the age of 55 years. Living in South facing house would lead native to be bed ridden for a long time. It is said that native will have to die in pain. So the native is advised to construct house after 55 years only.

Saturn in Twelfth house – If Saturn is in 12th house, then Snake (Saturn) and Monkey (Sun), who never makes their house, will now learn to make it. It means that houses will now automatically start building, which will be auspicious, even if Sun is placed with Saturn in 12th house. Native should not stop the construction of house if it is started and continue the construction in any way.


I have discussed the results of Saturn in twelve houses of horoscope with reference to construction & purchase of houses. House Number 2 of horoscope shows the situation of houses and House Number 7 will show happiness and suffering as a result of constructing houses. Whenever you are putting foundation of your house, you should do remedy of Moon and analyze its position in horoscope also. Moon rules the area in the foundation of house. The position of other planets in the birth horoscope and annual horoscope (varshphal) needs to be seen.  


Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah

May Lord Shanidev blesses all of you with your dream house

Sleeping House (Soye Ghar) and Sleeping Planet (Soye Grah) concepts in Lal Kitab and their relevance in predictions and remedies

Pandit Roop Chand Joshi Ji in Lal Kitab 1952 (page 96) while dealing with the concept of Sleeping house and Sleeping planet had written, “By Sleeping planet and Sleeping house the meaning is that such planet or house would not give its good results inspite of having everything with it.” There is much confusion among practitioners and students of Lal Kitab about this concept. In this post, I have shared some of the important observations of this concept which would be very useful for every lal kitab practitioner and students to analyze the impact of planet and houses in a horoscope. This concept is very important because sometimes predictions are done on the basis of placement of planet without analyzing whether the planet is in an awakened state or not or without analyzing whether a house is sleeping or an active one.

At the outset I would like to clarify that sleeping house and sleeping planet are two entirely different concepts. I would deal with both these concepts one by one reflecting their importance in predictions and prescription of Lal kitab remedies.

Sleeping House (Dormant house/Soye Ghar)

A house which does not have a planet placed in it and consequently does not get an aspect of any planet either is considered as a Sleeping or Dormant house. It implies that no benefit will be received through the subjects of that house unless that house wakes up. The method of activating twelve houses of horoscope through different planets is given in following table:

Sleeping House Number

Which planet would activate it

1st house


2nd house


3rd house


4th house


5th house


6th house


7th house


8th house


9th house


10th house


11th house


12th house


Sleeping planet (Dormant planet/Soya Grah)

If a planet is placed in such a way in the horoscope that it does not aspect another planet, then it would be considered as sleeping planet/dormant planet/soya hua grah.

It is important to point out here that Lal Kitab 1952 (page 97) clearly states that if a planet is placed in its permanent house (example, Venus in 7th house, Mars in 3rd house) will always be considered as Awakened/Activated planet.

Khana/House Numbers 1 to 6 from Ascendant in horoscope are considered as previous houses and Khana/House Numbers 7 to 12 from Ascendant in the horoscope are considered as later houses. If there is no planet in 1to 6th house, then planet in later houses would be considered as sleeping while if the later houses are vacant, then previous houses would be considered as sleeping.

Lal Kitab 1952 (page 98) also prescribe three important scenarios with regard to sleeping planet which should be considered while predicting results for a horoscope. These are:

  1. If there is no planet in House number10, then house number 2 planets would be treated as sleeping.
  2.  If there is no planet in House number2, then house number 10 planets would be treated as sleeping.
  3. If there is no planet in House number 2, then house number 9 planets would be treated as sleeping.

Now the question arises what would be the impact of a sleeping planet. The answer is that if a planet is sleeping, its result would be confined to the house in which it is sitting. It would not be able to transfer its impact on later houses although the house in which it is sitting will be an awakened house.

If previous houses (1-6) do not have any planet as discussed above, then later houses (7-12) would be deemed as sleeping. In this case, planet that will activate “Kismat ka Grah” need to be founded and if later houses (7-12) are vacant, then remedy for making respective planet active for a vacant house need to be undertaken.

If a planet is awakened automatically and start giving its results, then it will give its bad results after the end of its period as per following table. In such cases, the awakened planet would also adversely affect the results of all planets, whether they are friends or enemies of such planet.

When sleeping planet would be activated automatically & its malefic impact


When will wake up

In what age period

When will give malefic (manda) results


When native does job

16-21 years

22nd year


When native does government job

22 years

24th year


When native starts education again

After 24 years

25th year



After 25 years

28th year


If relationship is established with a women

After 28 years

34th year


When native does business or marriage of sister or daughter

After 34 years

36th year


If a person makes his own house

After 36 years

42nd year


When relationship with in-laws is established

After 42 years

48th year


After birth of child

After 48 years

51st year

I have discussed the position of sleeping planet and sleeping house and hope it would help in clarifying this important concept.
Decoding Saturn Moon combination in horoscope through Lal Kitab Astrology


Saturn Moon combination either through conjunction or aspect in a horoscope is regarded as the deadliest combination in almost all branches of astrology.  In Vedic astrology, Saturn Moon combination is known as Visha Yoga or Poison Yoga. Moon and Saturn are not fond of being together. Moon is a planet that deals with emotions, fluid levels in the body, mind and mother. Saturn is a slow task master who deals with the deep things of the world, longevity of the native and profession of the native. This conjunction results in weak emotions or poor emotional control by which the native can go to express extremes of emotions during an unpredictable time. One important inference of Saturn Moon combination in the horoscope through conjunction is that the native has taken birth in Sade Saati.


Lal Kitab 1952 edition term Saturn Moon combination as indicating black ink, Baoli (step-well like a well use for storing water), weapon or an axe facing towards our own face instead of opponent, tortoise, spoilt milk, iron-made horse-cart which may cause accident, bus or vehicles made of iron, cursed well, poisonous milk etc.  Moon is cornea, Saturn is eye sight hence native may suffer from eye defects. Moon is horse and of white color whereas Saturn is of black color and henceforth this combination indicates black horse or a blind horse. Saturn rules over buffalo hence this combination indicates black buffalo with white patch on the head. 


In this post, I have shared my views on this combination using principles laid down in Lal kitab. Many students have requested me to share my views on this combination as there is not much information and literature material available on this combination on internet and books available on Lal Kitab.


Basic concepts relating to Saturn Moon combination in Lal Kitab

First of all, Saturn Moon combination results in formation of an artificial planet (debilitated Ketu) in horoscope. In Lal Kitab 1952 edition (page 839) Saturn is equated with black ink and moon is well. The combination of both results in spoiling of results of both planets. It is a weapon or axe that shoots back on the individual itself.

Lal Kitab says that this combination is like poison in milk. Both combined together are termed as blind horse (moon) or a house (Saturn) floating in a river. The inference is that combination of Saturn and Moon is adverse for the native. He or she loses sense of direction or feels that stability is not in their life. Both planets give combined results till the age of 44 years and both will affect the results of Ketu also. An important thing to keep in mind is that if one planet is good in the horoscope, then the other would give mande or bad results. If Saturn for example is giving good results, then Moon would give one third bad results. Where Moon is good then Saturn accordingly will give bad results.

An important issue for the astrologer lies in deciding which planet between Saturn and Moon is strong. This would be decided looking at the condition of eye of the individual. If the condition of eye is good, Saturn would be strong and vice versa. If Saturn and Moon combination is associated with Jupiter or houses owned by Jupiter then it has a positive impact on the native.


Results of Saturn Moon Combination

Saturn Moon combination either through conjunction or aspect is not bad per se. Depending on the lordship and the house in which Saturn Moon conjunction takes place, it will produce positive or negative results.

Moon is the Karaka for Mind, when well placed moon is in conjunction or mutual aspect with well placed Saturn then native will have tendency to understand higher meaning of life. Many spiritual masters had Saturn Moon conjunction in their horoscope, this conjunction will create many followers for them. On the other hand if Moon is weak or afflicted, then negative effects of this combination will also be felt.

Moon is the planet for mother. If Moon is afflicted and if it has relationship with 4th lord or 4th house then the native will deprive from nurture of his or her mother. Moon is also karaka of Mind, so if moon is afflicted with Saturn conjunction then person will have stressful life during its dasha or bhukti. It has also been seen in many horoscopes that in Saturn Moon combination, the environment in which child has grown lack the desired warmth and love and the mother of the native herself has suffered the pain which is transferred to the kids. Thus such natives gain perseverance, maturity and practicality in early stage to a great extent. In such cases sometimes the native is deprived of attachment to the world.  Here in this post, I am discussing some of the general and specific malefic effects of Saturn Moon combination:


General malefic effects of Saturn Moon combination

  1. Whenever enemies of Moon come in first house in varshphal, there is possibility of theft and loss of wealth to the native.
  2. Native will lose wealth or suffer from theft in periods of planets inimical to Moon. The wife of native, in laws and friends will enjoy on his wealth.
  3. Work of Saturn or articles related to Saturn will be the cause of trouble for the native.
  4. Moon is wealth and Saturn is cashier hence native may suffer from poverty. Moon is silver coin and Saturn is iron. Hence this combination indicates iron coin and combination of both would result in Khota Sikka which has no value. In this combination Saturn will act as a cashier which will not allow spending money to the native in time of crisis. Such native will not be able to get even the benefit of his own income.
  5. If Saturn and Moon are not good in horoscope, then this combination will result in trouble to native from constructing his house. Instead of giving comfort to native, the house built by the native will result in loss of peace of mind for native.
  6. Any article which has black and white combination would lead to loss or damage to articles and relatives associated with Jupiter and Ketu.
  7. Sometimes the native becomes very selfish and may attack other person also. He or she may suffer from eye defects or heart related problems. 

Specific malefic effects of Saturn Moon combination

Specific impact of Saturn Moon combination can be predicted looking at the horoscope of native only. Still there are some combinations which deserve special mention and I am discussing them here also along with possible remedies for them. You are strictly advised not to experiment if you do not have indepth knowledge of Lal Kitab astrology. Such experiments can backfire for the native. Take the advice of an expert lal kitab astrologer in such cases:

  1. If Moon and Saturn combination is taking place in third house, native will have good immovable property but he or she will lack liquidity implying no cash in hand. In such cases, native is advised to perform remedies of Ketu. If in any case, Ketu is also malefic, then native is advised to bury red alum in some deserted place. 
  2. If Moon and Saturn combination is taking place in fourth house, then the native will gain good wealth. If Sun is benefic in such horoscope, the native will also gain benefits from parents. Saturn in this combination will act like a snake that protects the native instead of biting. In this case, the native is advised to refrain from indulging in love affairs. The wealth of the native in this case is enjoyed by others after his or her death as he may not have any child. The best remedy for this combination is offering milk (water) to snakes. You may have noticed that I am recommending use of water instead of milk because milk becomes the cause of death of thousands of snakes as I discussed before also due to the greed of snake catchers to extract more and more money from fooling natives offering milk to snakes. You can yourself use your common sense to see that it is not worthwhile to offer milk to snake which becomes their cause of death. In such cases, you will face adverse consequences inspite of doing the remedy.
  3. Moon and Saturn combination is considered as bad for finances of native if this combination is taking place in fifth house of the horoscope. Native will suffer and his mother’s eyesight also suffers. The native do not have sufficient money at its disposal. In such cases, Lal Kitab suggests keeping some Chuara (form of dry fruit) in the iron locker where native use to keep his money.
  4. If Moon and Saturn combination is taking place in seventh house, then native may have serious defects in eyes or even blindness. Native will suffer miserably if he fights with his wife. If native consumes milk and black pepper together especially in the night, then he will suffer from diseases of lungs, heart eye problems and will lose his wealth. Either of his parents will die by 42 years in the age of 9th, 18th or 36th year. Native will die at his own residence in his birth place. He will get defame because of his methods of earnings. 
  5. If Moon and Saturn combination is taking place in tenth house, then it is considered as very inauspicious. There is a chance of native spoiling all his wealth and he will suffer more due to illicit love affairs.

General Remedies for Saturn Moon Combination

In the above paragraph, I have discussed some specific remedies for Saturn Moon combination. More remedies can be suggested analyzing the horoscope of native. I am sharing some general remedies for this combination also for the benefit of all.

Saturn is snake and Moon signifies milk. As a remedy Lal Kitab suggests feeding milk to snakes to ward off evils of this combination. As snakes are not able to digest higher quantity of milk especially in special days like Mahashivratri or Nag Panchami where snakes are fed with very high quantity of milk and they are deprived of food or water for many days before these festivals. I would suggest you to offer water to snakes as they would be able to digest it quickly and would get relief also from drinking high quantity of milk which is not meant for them.

Another effective remedy for Saturn and Moon combination is that you can keep gangajal in a round silver plate or katori in an iron container or almirah. Put four silver square pieces into it. Replenish water as and when it evaporates.

If there is a problem of eyesight for the native, he or she should drink water by mixing sugar, milk, lemon, green tea or anything which is available in the particular season for continuously 43 days. In such cases, mild use of liquor can also be made. In this period of 43 days, use of plain water is prohibited.

At the time of lunar eclipse, articles of Saturn like Almonds with shells can be flown in river. If Rahu is also affecting this combination, coconut can also be flown in river and you can also do remedy for Sun for the particular house in which it is placed.

Saturn & its aspect on different houses of horoscope as per Lal Kitab


Lal Kitab has its own unique system of analyzing the impact of Saturn in different houses of the horoscope. If Saturn is sitting in permanent house of Jupiter (2,5,9,12) it will not give bad impact. Lal Kitab says that Saturn would write the decision relating to a native on a paper which signifies Mercury after hearing the arguments of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is treated as prosecution witness and Ketu is treated as defence council.  Saturn is the Judge who gives the final decision after hearing both sides on judicial basis.

In this post, I am highlighting an important aspect of analyzing the impact of placement of Saturn through its aspect on different houses of the horoscope. Saturn is regarded as vision power of eye or power of seeing in Lal Kitab and its aspect in Lal kitab is different from Vedic astrology aspects. In Vedic astrology, Saturn is given aspect of (3, 7, & 10) but in Lal Kitab aspects are different. In this post, I am discussing the aspects of Saturn on different houses and its impact in brief as per principles laid down in 1952 edition of Lal Kitab.


Saturn will have an aspect on different houses in the horoscope as discussed hereunder:

  1. If Saturn is placed in Khana Number/House Number 1, then it will see planet in House Number 7 and relatives associated with this house with one eye.
  2. If Saturn is placed in House Number 2, then it will see planet in House Number (8 & 12) and relatives associated with this house with two eyes.
  3. If Saturn is placed in House Number 3, then it will see planet in House Number (5,9,11) and relatives associated with this house with three eyes.
  4. If Saturn is placed in House Number 4, then it will see planet in House Number (2,8,10,11) and relatives associated with this house with four eyes.
  5. Whenever Saturn is placed in House Number 5, it will be blind snake but if House Number 10 is vacant or House Number 10 has Jupiter or Ketu in it, then it will not have an adverse impact on children. Please keep in mind that Saturn in 5th house is treated as a “children eating snake” implying its negative impact on progeny for native.  However if there is a planet in 9th house and a child takes birth on the day of planet sitting in 9th house, then it will not have an adverse impact on such child. For example, if Mars is sitting in 9th house and Saturn is in 5th house. In such case, if a child is born on a Tuesday which is a day of Mars, then Saturn will not negatively affect such child.
  6. In Sixth house, Saturn is considered as a blind snake who is not able to see in night especially when House number 2 is vacant. When Saturn sits in 6th house, then as per Lal Kitab it has an aspect on 2nd house and even when a friend of Saturn is sitting in such house, it can have a poisonous bite on such planet. For Saturn 6th house native it is advised that whatever work he or she will do in night, it will prove to be useful as Saturn manda impact would not be present in such case. A unique aspect of Saturn in 6th house is discussed in Lal Kitab. It says that Saturn 6th house native would prove to be useful for his or her parents in time of need especially when Rahu is in 3rd or 6th house.
  7. Saturn in 7th house is treated as capable of throwing dust in eyes of air especially when it is established (kayam) in horoscope.
  8. In 8th house, Saturn is treated as having an oppressive eye of death especially when house number 3 have malefic planets or it is vacant
  9. In 9th house Saturn is treated as an eye which has the power to create greenery in burnt out place also especially when friendly planets of Saturn are in 2nd house.
  10. In 10th house, Saturn has an eye which can see all the four sides and it looks at 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th house planet and relatives associated with it.
  11. In 11th house, Saturn is the eye of an innocent child especially when House number 3 contains Rahu or Ketu or House Number 1 has friendly planets to Saturn.
  12. In 12th house, Saturn has the power of changing the fortune of native through its eye and it can give inhabitation & population to place where there is no presence of people especially when house number 2 has friendly planets to Saturn or Mars and Venus are established.

I have discussed the impact of aspect of Saturn on different planets, houses and relatives associated with them in brief. These are the very special points that need to be kept in mind while predicting about a horoscope or prescribing remedies. In the future posts, I would share some more principles of Lal Kitab which will improve your predictive abilities.  

Now coming to the remedies for Saturn, it is necessary to first of all carefully analyze the position of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope. Please keep in mind that Saturn does not give malefic results through it, rather it gives its malefic results through its agent Rahu and Ketu. So analyzing their position is very crucial before predicting Saturn results. If Saturn has become manda in the horoscope then it will give effect of Rahu and Ketu also if they are sitting to the right or left of Saturn. There are many astrologers who do not have sound knowledge of Lal Kitab and they ask people to donate Saturn related articles or sometimes ask them to bury Saturn articles in deserted place or in a grass land. I would advise you to be careful while doing these remedies as they may result in loss to you also. This is the reason I am not suggesting any general remedy in this post because it may prove detrimental to you.

Special precautions for Native with Venus in 7th house in Lal Kitab – Partnership with in laws would result in financial losses and destruction of marital life

Today every person wants to attain success, prestige and monetary gains. Many times a person starts business in partnership with relatives, friends, in laws etc. I would suggest all of you to book a specific Lal Kitab consultation with an expert in Lal Kitab Astrology before entering into partnership with anyone for starting a new business or expanding an existing one. The reason for this is that a good Lal Kitab astrologer depending on the position of planets in your horoscope may suggest some precautions that need to be kept in mind before choosing a new business or before collaborating with someone for this purpose. It is sensible also to book a specific consultation before entering into partnership because you are putting your hard earned money at stake and right advice at the right time can save you from lot of troubles in the future.


In this post I am dealing with a specific precaution for a native with Venus in Seventh house. Venus in Seventh house is considered to be giving very good results as it is its own permanent house in Lal Kitab. Lal Kitab 1952 edition deals with a specific precaution for a native with Venus in Seventh house. The precaution is that a native whose Venus is in Seventh house does business in partnership with his in laws whether it is his father in law, brother in law or any other relative from the side of his wife would be detrimental for financial condition of the native and it will also ruin the marital life of such native.I have seen in many horoscopes that where a native with Venus in Seventh house with an intention to work with own persons enters into partnership with in laws it results in problems. These problems may depend on the planetary combination like it may result in tax related issues, permission related problems, workers related problems etc. Subsequently it starts affecting marital life of native also. Therefore, a native with Venus in Seventh house is advised not to enter partnership with in laws and if in any case such partnership has already been entered, he is advised to terminate such partnerships. This precaution would help the native in maintaining good relations with his in laws and it will be good for the financial position of native also.

Exploring mysteries of Lal Kitab - Precaution for native with Mercury in 5th house (Voice of a saint/fakir)

There are many systems of astrology but Lal Kitab is unique among them as it works on the principle of doing good deeds for the welfare of society. This result in improvement in planets associated with our actions. Pandit Roop Chand Joshi Ji has written in Lal Kitab, “Kar bhala hoga bhala, aakhir bhale ka bhala”. It implies that if you do good works, you will receive favors from nature and a good person has good result of his good deeds. It is the law of nature that if you do good works, they will return back to you in the form of goodness and if you do evil deeds, they will also come back to you in the form of evil.

On the same premise, today I would discuss results of Mercury in 5th house which is termed as “Faqir ki Awaaj” (voice of a saint) in Lal Kitab. Whenever Mercury is sitting in 5th house, a specific precaution is given to the native. Lal Kitab says that if a person with Mercury in 5th house spontaneously gives a blessing to other person, it is highly possible that such blessing will prove true. Similarly if such native curses other person in a spontaneous moment suddenly, the possibility of such curse becoming true is also high. It is important to point out here that Lal kitab says that tongue (jubaan) creates a difference between a human (insaan) and a brute (haivaan). So if Mercury 5th native speaks something bad for another person in a fit of rage or moment of anger spontaneously, it can prove to be disastrous not only for other person but such curse will also adversely affect the native also. So to bless others and wishing good luck for others would give the native with Mercury in 5th house good results while saying harsh words or cursing others would damage others as well as the native also. So such person is advised to bless others so that others can prosper and at the same time he will also receive good results.

So, check your horoscope to see whether your Mercury is in 5th house and if it is in the 5th house, then ensure that you bless others for their prosperity and you will also continue to prosper.

                     "कर भला होगा भला, आखिर भले का भला"

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